Personalizing Cancer Patients’ Treatment


Curewize is a leader in the field of personalized medicine capable of providing diagnostic solutions to address major unmet market needs, across several types of cancer. Curewize produces lab tests for optimal treatment decisions. Our custom designed proprietary platform technology measures microRNA (miRNA) profiles in patients’ bio-fluids. MiRNAs control gene activity, and are considered superior biological markers for personalized treatment decisions due to their direct link to cancer mechanisms and outstanding stability in human samples. Curewize gains value from clinically validated and commercially adapted miRNA assay technology. Management has a track record of successful commercialization of lab tests from concept to sales

ProALLBM- Curewize Lead Product

Curewize lead product is ProALLBM, a predictive assay for the therapeutic management of acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL). ALL treatment intensity varies by patient’s risk to relapse, determined by a complex lab test that quantifies leukemia cells after induction treatment. The current gold standard lab test requires 2-4 bone marrow (BM) aspirations, up to 84 reactions and 1-3 months before assigning ALL patients’ final treatment. In comparison, ProALLBM requires a single BM aspiration, 1 reaction, with results in 72 hours, detecting high risk patients not identified by gold standard. ProALLBM adds unique insight on ALL patients relapse risk, also identifying very high risk patients who succumb to cancer relapse, even with the intense treatment regimen. Newly approved cancer drugs may be the most optimal treatment choice for these refractory patients. After successful clinical development of ProALLBM, the product is being marketed through trial utility by National Medical Organizations.

Product Pipeline

Curewize platform technology for quantifying microRNA in bio-fluids can easily support the creation of a large menu of lab tests.
Curewize current pipeline includes a blood test, ProALLBL, for long-term and frequent monitoring of ALL patients, and a companion diagnostic lab test for deciding on the treatment of solid cancer patients with NAMPT and PARP inhibitor drugs.
A retrospective study proved that ProALL levels in blood correspond to BM levels and predicts relapse. Curewize is now continuing a prospective study with the ProALLBL blood test with positive interim analysis. The test will be performed on whole blood samples, highly suitable for hospital workflow.
PreMed, which is based on ProALL, directly controls NAMPT activity, a producer of cell energy, which is consumed by PARP for correcting DNA errors in rapidly growing cancer cells. PreMed is proven to predict very good response to treatment by NAMPT inhibitor drug. Curewize plans to co-develop PreMed with Pharmaceutical companies who produce PARP and/or NAMPT inhibitor drugs.

Business Model and Strategy

Curewize will produce ProALL and PreMed products through subcontractors. Diagnostic tests have a relatively short regulatory approval process. ProALL will be produced under the regulatory requirements of the CE-mark and/or similar (for Europe, China, Japan and India), and as an analyte specific reagent (ASR) for USA CLIA Lab.
ProALL has the exceptional market advantage of clientele centralized into National Organizations that treat ALL patients according to their relapse risk. Curewize intends to sell the ProALL assay to clinical laboratories in EU and USA that serve these oncology associations. By 2020, Curewize aims to launch ProALL’s monitoring assay for ALL patient surveillance. Curewize’s R&D team are extending our platform biomarker technology for aiding in treatment decisions of other cancers.

Mission Statement

  • Provide solutions for personalized treatment of cancer patients.
  • Improve cancer patients’ survival and overall health outcome.
  • Be a leading developer and marketer of miRNA products.
  • Generate substantial revenues and create shareholder value.


  • Strategic collaboration with Pharmaceutical companies and Clinical Laboratories.
  • Investment for implementation of reimbursement and marketing strategy, initiation of sales, and development of pipeline products.

Investment Profile

  • Validated patient need
  • Short time to market
  • Centralized market
  • Superior ability over current routine tests
  • Highly experienced management team
  • Large Pipeline

Awarded Funding

OCS 2 Year Grant

Management Team

  • Dr. Jennifer Yarden, BOD
    Curewize Cofounder. Expert in diagnostic assay commercialization, CEO BioShai, Former Director of Clinical Development, Glycominds PhD Med Sci KUL, Belgium
  • Dr. Nir Dotan, CTOExpert in development, industrialization and commercialization of biomarkers. CTO BioShai Former CTO /VP R&D Glycominds, PhD Biotechnology TAU, Israel
  • Prof. Isaac Yaniv, MD CMODirector of Oncology Division, Schneider’s Children’s Medical Center
  • Dr. Smadar Avigad, PhD, CSOHead of the Molecular Oncology Laboratory at Schneider’s
  • Ossie Weitzman, FCA, DirectorCurewize Cofounder, 30 years financial management experience