Seamlessly combining scientific excellence

with business expertise to turn your research into a successful company

At Youdim Pharmaceuticals we turn scientists into entrepreneurs, and scientific concepts into R&D based companies.

The Youdim management team is made up of experts in both science and business. Once we have identified a scientific development with true market potential, we know what it takes to turn it into a business and we focus all our efforts and resources to make sure it happens.



Recognizing success potential – leveraging the combined experience of Professor Youdim, the management team and scientific advisory board, we identify scientific entrepreneurs with the greatest potential.

Securing investment – investors know that if you’re in our portfolio, you must be on to something, giving you credibility that significantly increases your chances of raising capital.

Team of experts – backed by extensive CVs, proven track records, and specific, relevant experience in R&D based scientific businesses, our team of experts gives you all the scientific, business and administrative support you require to push through the arduous process ahead.

Network of contacts – personal connections and years of experience in the field enable us to act as a bridge between seed stage companies and ‘Big Pharma’, opening doors to the people you need to connect with.

A unique business model – bringing together government and private funding within an incubator work model, you get all the financial support you require to develop your research into a profitable business.

What we offer scientists

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    IP management
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    Access to key opinion leaders
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    Use of labs and equipment
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    Grant writing assistance
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    Seed funding and business development support
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    Contact with C-Level executives in global pharma companies